Get ON It with
Johnny Nelson & Spencer Oliver
With real time boxing rounds and conditioning focused sessions, presented to you by former World Champion Johnny Nelson and former European Champion, Spencer Oliver, you’ll feel fitter, leaner and learn an exciting new skill.  

Since retiring as professional fighters, we’ve both continued to train, keep ourselves fit and coach others. Boxing is a great way to keep fit and challenge yourself, but for many people the idea of walking into a boxing gym can feel intimidating, so we created this plan to help you learn a new skill, enjoy boxing and get super fit from the comfort of your own home..." - Johnny & Spencer
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
A personal note from Johnny and Spencer…
Read This Before Going Any Further
A personal note from Johnny and Spencer…

This training guide is real boxing training and has been developed to help you be fitter, stronger and find a way to have a great workout at home.

We will be right there with you, coaching and motivating you, every second of every round. 

This plan really is for everyone, as beginners can start by doing a few rounds and if you’re already fit and want to push your fitness to the next level, you can see if you can go the distance and smash through all 12 rounds.

The best thing is, you don’t need any equipment, or a can follow this plan anytime, anywhere.

If you are someone who wants to feel better about yourself inside and out, and get fitter and leaner and learn how to box, then use the techniques in the plan and it will work.

 12 x Real-Time Boxing Rounds 
 2 x Full Body Conditioning Workouts
 2 x MP3 Skipping Workouts
 1 x Warm Up Video 
 1 x Boxing Specific Cool Down Video
 1 x Technique Tutorial Video
 1 x Skipping Technique Ideas Video 
 Downloadable Guide
 Johnny & Spencers Top 10 Healthy Recipes
We can’t wait to get you started on the plan and see your results...let’s Get ON It.

what do you actually get?
Get ON It
with Johnny & Spencer 
  • 12 x Real-Time Boxing Rounds Unlock & Access Videos 
  • 2 x Full Body Conditioning Workouts Unlock & Access Video
  • ​2 x MP3 Skipping Workouts Download & Keep 
  • ​1 x Warm Up Unlock & Access Video
  • ​1 x Boxing Specific Cool Down Unlock & Access Video
  • ​1 x Technique Tutorial Unlock & Access Video
  • 1 x Skipping Technique Ideas Unlock & Access Video
  • ​1 x Downloadable Guide Download & Keep
  • 10 x Johnny & Spencers Top Healthy Recipes Download & Keep
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